About Farrowtech

Morten Bo Mikkelsen established the company five years ago with a friend who had grown up on a pig farm and knew about farrowing problems. They came up with the technology and made a patent application. At the time, his friend was a project manager at a large company, and Morten Bo Mikkelsen was a high school teacher himself when they started the company. Both are trained engineers. In 2017, Morten Bo Mikkelsen started working full-time on the project. In 2018, Erik Hougaard joined the company as an investor and co-owner. He is a serial entrepreneur, an electronics and software developer, and he has previously produced systems for agriculture.

FarrowTech eases your daily work

With an intelligent farrowing assistant, you can optimise your working time. You will not have to walk in vain and thus disturb the sows during farrowing, when calmness is important. Instead, you get a message when assistance is required.