Wireless data collection in the barn

FarrowLink is a family of wireless sensors for the barn.

FarrowFlow - wireless measurement of drinking water

Wireless water meter for the FarmLink system. When mounted on the water supply for the drinking cups, it shows in detail how much and how often the individual animals drink. With push-in fittings for 8 mm or 15 mm PE tubing, installation is done in less than a minute.
Supplied with external ½” thread. Five years battery life.

FarrowTherm - wireless temperature sensor

Wireless temperature sensor for the FarmLink system. Can be used, for example, for temperature monitoring of the covered creep area and in connection with smart control of heat lamps.
Five years battery life.

FarrowControl - smart control of the farrowing pen

Control box with four intelligent sockets (two CEE and two Schuko) that can be individually and wirelessly controlled via the FarmLink system. Used for temperature control of heat lamps or if the heat lamp is to be switched on when the first piglet is born. Supplied with CEE plug.

The practical side

Wireless sensors allow easy and quick installation in the barn.

De små og svage er i stor risiko. Det bør derfor overvejes, om det i besætningen er muligt at foretage yderligere tiltag for at hjælpe disse grise bedre på vej ved at give disse grise yderligere varme og energi

Ninna Roland Simonsen Svinerådgiver hos LandboNord

Jeg synes, at investeringen i varmemåtten er anbefalelses værdig.

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