FarrowTech develops products for the farrowing barn in close cooperation with Danish farmers and researchers.

In 2013, it was estimated that just over 10% of piglets are stillborn, half of which are due to complications related to farrowing. Research has shown that mortality can be significantly reduced by intensive monitoring. When a certain time interval between births is exceeded, farrowing assistance should be provided.

At FarrowTech, we want to help Danish pig producers minimise the number of stillborn piglets by using smart heat mats and intelligent cameras. We are very passionate about new technology for Danish agriculture and look forward to contributing to reduced mortality rates and increased bottom lines.


Did you know that FarrowTech and Danish Pig Research Centre have received a grant from the GUDP programme and are now researching how to optimise and streamline the way farrowing assistance is provided. FarrowTech’s goal is to make it much simpler to provide assistance at the right time.

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Farrowing assistance

Did you know that a sow farrows on average 2.3 times a year, and that 2 out of the average 4 dead piglets per litter die during the farrowing, mainly due to birth complications and lack of oxygen. Many of these can be saved with timely farrowing assistance.

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Farrowing comfort

Did you know that the survival conditions of weak piglets can be significantly increased by giving them the opportunity to lie on a warm surface until the piglets have recovered and can maintain their body temperature themselves?

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Contribution margin

Did you know that research conducted by Danish Pig Research Centre shows that keeping pigs warm immediately after birth can increase survival rates by 0.28 pigs per litter. This corresponds to 0.64 pigs and thus DKK 296 in extra contribution margin per sow per year.

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Did you know that FarrowCam is based on thermographic image analysis, which gives the system high contrast for newborn piglets? This is because the newborn piglet is warmer than the environment and cools down quickly.

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Energy consumption

Did you know that FarrowMat is very energy efficient because it heats the piglets from below? The mat uses a maximum of 200 watts when heating up, and typical energy consumption in 12 hours is 1.5 KWh, equivalent to about EUR 0.15.

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