Obstetric aid

In close collaboration under the GUDP programme SEGES and FarrowTech are working to optimize the way of providing obstetric aid to farrowing sows.



On average, a sow will farrow 2.3 times per year. In each litter, 3 piglets die and 2 of these die during the birth process due to complications and lack of oxygen (hypoxia).

A lot of these piglets can be saved if timely obstetric aid is given. This has been well documented already in research and practical tests. Farrowtechs goal is to make it easier and simpler to identify the need for obstetric aid and provide it when required.

Monitoring the farrowing process

In reality, it is difficult to see when a sow needs obstetric aid. Therefore, an automatic monitoring solution such as FarrowCam, can be very helpful. It automatically monitors the farrowing and alerts the farm personel when assistance is required.

The product registers the intervals between piglets being born. When too long time passes since the latest birth, an alarm is raised. This way, and with no manual labor required to monitor the farrowing, timely assistance can be provided and the number of surviving piglets can be increased.

Benefits of the FarrowCam solution:

  • Higher profit from increased production efficiency: One additional surviving piglet per sow per year increases the contribution margin by about 70 USD per sow
  • Ethics – fewer dead piglets:
    Our aim is to reduce the number of dead piglets by 25%
  • Overview:
    The farm personel and management gets a real-time overview of all farrowings currently in progress
  • Optimization: Better data enables the farm manager to develop better rosters

Farrowing comfort

The chance of survival of the smallest and weakest piglets in a litter can be inreased by providing a heating mat for them to lie on just after being born. This way, they can gain some strength while maintaining a sufficient body temperature without exhausting their energy reserves.

Recent research performed by SEGES (see

Nylig forskning udført af SEGES (research report in Danish can be found here) has proven, that by keeping the newborn piglets warm, an additional 0.28 piglet per litter will survive. This adds up to 0.64 piglet and 44 USD increased contribution margin per sow per year.

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