By investing 15 USD per sow per year, you may earn an additional 55 USD per sow per year.

Make your employees be lifeguards

When the farrowing is about to begin, or when the first few piglets have been born, the FarrowCam unit is placed behind the sow and the “Start” button is pressed.

FarrowCam being used in the stable

You will be prompted to enter the sow and pen numbers along with the number of piglets already born, if any.

After this initial setup, FarrowCam automatically monitors the farrowing and collects data about the interval between birth of individual piglets.

Alerts when help is required

In case the camera detects birth complications, an alert will be raised to the farm personel who are then to attend the problem and provide obstetric aid to prevent the piglets from dying.

This makes it very easy to provide obstetric aid at the right times without spending labour hours monitoring the sows in between.

When the farrowing is over, an alert will be raised too. This is a signal to perform the normal after-farrowing routines. The camera will send data about number of living and dead piglets to the cloud for use in statistics, planning and improvement.

Now the camera is ready for the next litter and can be moved to a new sow to repeat the process.

Realtime overview

The FarrowApp overview

On a computer or a smartphone, the farm personel has a realtime overview of the sows currently farrowing.

All sows without any complications are represented by a green line indicating hours and minutes since last birth.

In case the system predicts that birth complications are soon to begin, the color turns yellow.

When the system detects that the time since last birth indicates an actual need for assistance, the sow’s line in the app turns red, a notification is sent, and red alarm-lights will illuminate on the FarrowCam device placed behind that sow.

By this time the personel should attend the sow and provide obstetric aid. After doing so, the worker will enter number of live and dead piglets pulled out from the sow. The camera sends this data to the cloud for later use.

Valueable statistics

When FarrowCam has been in use for a number of litters, reports are available providing valueable statistics. Using this data the management can decide when it is viable to have personel in the stable to attend the farrowing sows and make rosters accordingly.

Data regarding individual sows or groups of sows will also provide valueable in determining which animals are performing better than others.

Better contribution margin

The best farms performing systematic monitoring of farrowing and providing timely obstetric aid have already proven that is pays off very well. Piglet mortality has been reduced by 50% in some cases. One piglet saved per litter contributes by roughly 70 USD.

What does FarrowCam cost?

The price of FarrowCam is approximately 15 USD per sow per year. 1 camera is required per 90 sows on average.

The price of a camera is 895 USD plus a monthly fee of 75 USD. The camera comes with a mounting clamp as well as a battery charger.

In the example of saving one piglet per litter, this 15 USD investment pays back 55 USD per sow per year.

Prices are tax and shipping exclusive.

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