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Our mission

Our mission is to help farmers around the world increasing the efficiency of their production by reducing the number of piglets dying during birth or shortly after.

We want to save 25% of the piglets dying today.

Photo: Tobias Nicolai / Jyllands-Posten


As a consequence of the intense pig production, where generations of refined genetics have led to increasingly larger litters, the number of still-born piglets has increased. The same is true for piglets dying in the hours after being born. In 2013 an estimated 22,3% of piglets in Denmark died during birth or within a few days after it. A total of 9.9% of the piglets were still-born. This high mortality-rate is a problem for economic as well as ethic reasons. In addition to that, it also presents a great opportunity to reduce climate- and environmental footprint of pig production.

Roughly half of the dead piglets died due to complications in the birth process. Research has shown, that the mortality can be substantially reduced if the farrowing process is monitored intensely and obstetric aid is given, when intervals between piglet births becomes longer than set limits.

So far such intense monitoring has had to be performed manually, requiring many hours of labor. A sow is typically only being checked on a few times per day, making it difficult to estimate birth intervals and to identify sows in need of help.

With FarrowCam, this is no longer the case. This is a result of 5 years of product development by FarrowTech. We are passionate about developing new technology that can help pigfarmers around the world reduce the piglet mortality in order to become more profitable while also contributing to environmental improvements.

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